Chart for 2013 August 10 – too too hot for comfort

2013 August 10 - CTDA

Chart for August 10, 2013

See how the planets interact? There are many connections.

During the day in different locations on the planet, different planets will occupy that top hot spot, but the geometry of the large, slow-moving outer, planets will not change significantly for a long while.

See how Jupiter (lots of, drama) with Mars (male sexuality, motion, violence) at the top of the chart opposes Pluto (power, control, tyranny, death) at the bottom of the chart? See how both Jupiter and Pluto have red lines to the right side of the chart to Uranus (sudden, unexpected, things, common people power and high-tech).

See how Pluto and Jupiter are halfway between Saturn-North Node nnd Neptune-Chiron. Some say that Saturn indicates governments and Neptune indicates Communism.

This combination – Mars, Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus – has been seen frequently in the charts of big explosions and accidents. And if you keep up on such things, you will find quite a bit of an overabundance of police and military abuses in the news.

Astrologers, please leave a reply and tell me what  you see in this chart. The moon, part of fortune and house positions are somewhat irrelevant, as they will change throughout the day.

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